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SALT Fitness Yoga Cafe

SALT Fitness Yoga Cafe
SALT Fitness Yoga Cafe

"Simplicity, Accountability and Lifestyle Therapy are the focus of SALT; Home of the 30-minute workout.
5-day splits are used to train individual muscle groups once a week and can be used for both mass gaining and fat loss training.
30-minutes of daily exercise is recommended for optimal health and wellness results. Our certified trainers suggest (1) one ANCHORED workout and (1) RIPTIDE workout per day for optimal results.
Anchored is a Group Training Strength Program that runs 7-days a week with a daily emphasis on isolated muscle groups.
Riptide is a HIIT Group Training Cardio Program that will burn more calories and fat than an hour on a treadmill.
Download the free SALT Fitness Cafe App today on your smart phone today! Click here ( ) to create an account, purchase services, and register for your workouts and specialty classes."

Located Across from GNC